Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday: Making New Year's Resolutions

Well let me just say that I am NO expert in writing, making, or keeping New Year's Resolutions. But I thought I'd let y'all know how I go about making my resolutions every year...

and I'd LOVE to hear your ideas or goals for 2010!

1) Get out (at least) several pages of paper and a pen/pencil--I do a lot of computer work but prefer to do my "thinking work" with a paper and pen.

2) Jot down all the things you are happy you accomplished in 2009. Maybe you lost weight, found a new job, started a blog, journaled every day, became more fit, etc.

3) Write down all the things you WISH you had accomplished in 2009 or maybe things you regretted doing (2009 NYE resolutions that didn't quite make it, fitness goals you didn't reach, bad habits you started, etc.)

4) Analyze and compare your two lists. Does anything overlap? Do you see that something in list #2 hindered you from accomplishing something in list #1? For example, maybe you wanted to get better sleep and exercise more frequently BUT you failed to get more rest so your ability/energy to workout was diminished. Feel free to circle and draw lines! I love making correlations

5) Look again at your two lists. Do you want to carry any resolutions over to 2010?

6) Add new goals to your 2010 Resolution list.
Keep in mind the following:
  • Be realistic!
    • Example: If you want to get more sleep but just had or are expecting a new baby, this goal will most likely not be met!

  • Think about what will aid in accomplishing your goal--maybe these aids should be the first resolutions you make!
    • Example: If you want to eat healthier this year, start by making a resolution to not buy junk food or to take a nutritional class, etc.

  • Think about what will hinder your resolution.
    • Example: If you want to boost your blog readership but don't have time to devote writing new posts, etc., perhaps time management or something else should be the primary resolution.

  • Do you have a certain time limit for these goals to be reached?
    • Example: You want to lose 2lbs a month or drop 1-minute off your 10k time in 6-months.

  • If you have a BIG resolution, it really helps to break the resolution into mini-goals (especially monthly goals)
    • Example: You just received a new sewing machine but haven't ever sewed before! Despite that fact, you aspire to sew a quilt in 2010. In January, you should practice sewing, in February, you should take a class on beginning sewing, in March you should pick out fabrics, in April you should take a class on quilting, in May you should start working on your quilt, in August you should be half-way done and in November you should be finished

  • Life happens!!! There could be sudden changes to your family dynamic--someone could be born, someone could move away, someone could lose a job or take one on with more hours. You name it, it could happen so be prepared to be flexible!!! These should be considered more as goals than as things you are "resolving to do from this day forward"
7) Make your 2010 resolutions and goals visible. Print them out and place them on your fridge, your cubicle at work. Download them to your phone. Post them to your blog. Ask a trusted friend/spouse/relative/etc. to hold you accountable.

Here is what I came up with:

I have two main goals for 2010:

1) To read through the Bible
2) To become a more accomplished photographer

(i'd also like to run a sub 3-hour marathon in 2010 but that depends on a lot of things and we'll get to that after Babette #2 is born!)

In order to achieve these goals I have several "sub-goals":

1) To read through the Bible I'd like to:
  • read it every day by using my 365-day Bible
Knowing that I am more likely to read my Bible in the morning...
    • I resolve to go to bed earlier! That way I can wake up refreshed and ready to read the Bible before Cutie Face wakes up.
Knowing that I'm easily distracted, I need to resolve to avoid reading a blog or checking my email before I read my Bible...so...
    • I resolve to keep my computer turned off until I have accomplished my daily reading goal!
2) To become a more accomplished photographer, I'd like to:
  • Take a photo every day for a year--a 365-Project to showcase how I grow in my photography skills (okay--hopefully i'll develop new skills and you'll see a difference in January 2011!)
  • To be held accountable, I resolve to make a 365-Picture blog!
  • I will also sign up and take an online photo class
So there you have it. A quick and easy way to make a few new resolutions for this coming year and a preview of my goals!

What about you? Do you make resolutions each year? Do you have a method for doing them and accomplishing them? Have you already made any?

I'd love to hear your tips and goals!

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M.A. said...

I love this! You did a great job writing this post! I have verbalized my resolutions to hubby but haven't yet written them down. I think I'll follow your lead and post them :) And, I got a new camera for Christmas, so I'm with you on the 365-Project - we can learn together!

Lauren said...

You're so organized! I don't make New Years resolutions, but Hubby and I have decided that we're reading through the Bible together this year. He found some site that allows you to plug in your date paremeters, and it will give you a schedule of how to read through the Bible chronologically; as in, when things really happened. (So you're reading "out of order" from the table of contents, does that make sense?) I'm really excited about it, because I don't know a lot of Old Testament history! :)

ldmiller said...

I usually do not do any sort of resolution, because I just end up feeling guilty a few weeks later! But you have inspired me to think about and set a few goals. I'm so excited about your 365 photos blog! I've already set it as a link from my blog. Where did you find your online photography class? I've been wanting to take a class, but have trouble finding the time to be away...I would be very interested in an online one. - Kim

Heather | Cookie Mondays said...

This is so great! I WISH I were as organized as you are! Actually, your two main rewsolutions are at the top of my list too :)

ldmiller said...

This is the other ldmiller. And I am happy to say that I just completed my 2009 New Year's Resolution yesterday of reading through the Bible. I know that you said that you have a 365 day Bible and if that works for you great, but I am going to send you another schedule (from Discipleship Journal) that really worked well for me because it is for 6 days a week (an extra day to make up or reflect) and 28 days a month (with the extra days to make up or reflect). Tell your hubby to do it with you too!

Life with Kaishon said...

You always amaze me. And make me think. Thank you. I think the Bible reading goal is a very good one and I am going to add that to my list as well.

Natalie said...

I may have to look for a 365 day bible for myself. And I am SO looking forward to checking out your 365 day photo blog. Bring on 2010!

The Deavours Family said...

love. love. love. this post. more details when i blog about the new year =)thank you!!!

Patti said...

Our church had a challenge for the reading 365 day Bible and sad to say I didn't take it. My husband did and I think he made it through a few weeks! I love that you are doing this. AND the 365 day photos. You go! You do and inspire.

Shari@aPsychMommy said...

I still have to think through what my goals and resolutions are for the new year. I'm somewhat of a procrastinator, so I bet I'll be still thinking about it in March...

Oh, thanks for the Christmas card! I just got it since our mail was on vacation hold while we were out of town. I totally meant to send out Christmas cards this year, but of course time ran away from me and I wasn't organized (case in point about the procrastination!)

Maybe that will be one of my resolutions--to start addressing envelopes for Christmas cards in October so I'll actually be able to send them on time :)