Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thankful Thursday!

Well, my friends, it has been another week! Time flies!

I don't want to skip a week's worth of thankfulness but I also want to jump into bed so this will be a short and sweet list this week....but...

PLEASE feel free to add something (or many things!) that you are thankful for!

1) My cousin came home today! He is a Ranger in the Army who was serving in Afghanistan. While I'm sad to report this last deployment of his was the worst one yet (in terms of losses and injuries), I'm SO thankful God kept him safe and that he is happily (finally!) back with his beautiful wife Sara, just in time for Christmas. BONUS--we get to see them in January!

2) J came home tonight! I'm weekly thankful for Thursdays since these are the days that J returns home from his 4-day week away. It is SO nice to be in his company again.

3) Cutie Face got sick on Tuesday but, as of this evening, seems to be on the mend already! YAY! So thankful that this sickness seems to be short-lived!

4) Being able to attend two Christmas parties this past weekend. Here is a nice pic (ha!) of us at the end of a looong but very fun evening (approximately 1 AM)

5) One-on-One time with just me and J for 24 (yes! twenty-four!!!) hours. (we love self-portraits)

6) Being able to leave Cutie Face with my parents (and her cousins!) Thanks Mom and Dad!

She really loves her new cousin Sweet Pea!

7) A fun package arrived in the mail this week from Musselman's Applesauce company! It was SO incredible to receive their delicious applesauce (we even got to sample three of their super-healthy fruit-infused flavors-my favorite being peach-it is like having dessert without the guilt!) and a few other products from their parent company. What a great treat! SO thankful for that little pick me up!

8) I've actually been MIA on the blog and internet world lately. I'm thankful that I've taken nearly a week off from the web and not felt guilty about it (usually i feel this immense pressure to be in the know with what is going on with all my bloggy and twitter and facebook friends that i stay up crazy late browsing, perusing, reading, and was a nice change of pace NOT to be doing that and to NOT feel badly about missing out....but I do promise to catch up with y'all soon!)

9) I won an awesome book (One Wintry Night) from Roof With a View. I cannot wait to read it to Cutie Face!

10) Christmas Cards! I LOVE getting picture Christmas cards in the mail! And regular cards! Really, getting mail is an awesome daily highlight for me and Cutie is just a HUGE bonus when we get real mail and even better when we get Christmas cards!

11) For a girl after her mama and daddy's hearts--she reads ALL the time and loves it--in the car, in bed, you name it, if there is a book she is all about it!

12) It seems i have a lot to be thankful for this week! Last one--Christmas Carols and Songs--EVERYWHERE. I love hearing news of Jesus' birth proclaimed in malls, stores, and even the airport (here is Cutie Face watching a trio sing in the airport atrium while we waited for J to arrive--she, too, seems very thankful for the songs--or at least the entertainment!)

Okay that about does it for me! What about you?

4 people think...:

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I am thankful for only being a click away from amazing bloggers as yourself. Also that it was only for maybe 30 minutes or so but I got hugs and kisses today from my two grandbabies that I see so seldom.
Enjoy your weekend

Kelly said...

I am thankful for inspiring bloggers, the sun finally coming out after a full week of rain, my precious *almost* one year old, long naps so baking can get done, mint M&Ms (only once a year!), family, and friends!

Ashlie Miller said...

Likewise, I am thankful to have recently come across your fantastic blog! And yes, I look forward to getting cards, too ;-). You are going to so love "One Wintry Night"!!!! ;-)

Southern Belle said...

I am thankful that I will see my husband in a couple days as he is coming for the time he arrives it will have been 81 days since we last saw each other. I am also thankful our Lil' Incredibles were able to make a snowman for the first time this week when we had an unexpected snowfall.