Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thankful Thursday: barely eeking by

Today I've finally felt pregnant--in terms of emotions. I never really got the idea that pregnant women were hormonal. In fact, when I was pregnant with Cutie Face I couldn't figure out what the big deal was.

Well, let me tell you, my emotions have run the gamut today and I'm S-P-E-N-T. Unfortunately, they all decided to wax and wane as soon as we picked J up from the airport (poor guy!) and I finally understood the pregnant power--try as I could, I just couldn't help myself!

Then I thought...ehhh, i'll slack on my blog post today. I'm not in the mood. But then I remembered--"forcing" yourself to find 7 things to be thankful for will definitely lift my mood.

So here I go!

This week I was especially grateful for:

1) A brand spankin' CLEAN car. We took it to the car wash for the first time in MONTHS. Poor car needed a lot of work but it looked, smelled, and felt brand new when it was done! Woo hoo! now to keep it that way...

2) Getting my craft on with my twin and mom to help me! This week I made two Christmas shirts and refashioned a t-shirt into a skirt for Cutie Face. I'm surprised myself.

3) Friendly commenters. I've been feeling the blog love lately and I really appreciate it! Thanks to all of you who take the time to comment!

4) Fluffy Mail! We received the pink ruffle gDiaper in the mail yesterday and I so desperately wanted it to be hot outside so Cutie Face could just wander around with a top and diaper. Sadly, it was a bit too cold for that but that didn't stop me from letting her parade around in her new diaper at home!

5) We are still looking for a new place to move 4 weeks. We've been praying about it a lot and have received some very firm "Nos" and doors closing (two places we really liked both went off the market and not because they were rented by someone else! strange circumstances that clearly indicated God did not want us in either apartment!). An answer to prayer is an answer even if it is a no and we're thankful for that!

6) J came home! And he brought me candy! and he let me cry about my frustrations/thanks mentioned in #5

7) a very happy and content and funny and (so far) obedient daughter who LOVES babies (and puppies). She is the best and I'm thankful for my fun companion every day! (us in the Publix bathroom. This pregnant mama had to make a pit stop during our errand "walk" today!)

8) Christmas decorations and music that bring me (and Cutie Face!) great joy and peace and happiness.

9) Cutie Face has not been sick for more than two weeks--no runny nose, no nothing! Hallelujah! That could all change since I took her to the {potentially germy} playground in 38 degree weather today...

10) BONUS! (note: i'm not being paid or compensated for writing this last one--its just very true and makes me very thankful!) the camera on my iPhone takes decent pictures and a free online photo editor (Picnik) makes them better. I'd seriously be soooo sad if I didn't have either of these tools to document Cutie Face's life...especially since our camera has been broken for a MONTH!

Here are three pictures from today (first two edited with Picnik and lasst one SOOC) that make me laugh and thankful:

Phew! I feel better now, how about you?

I hope you take a few minutes during this busy season to recall a few things you were thankful for this week!

7 people think...:

Kathy said...

Everythingnis sooo much cuter for a gril!!! Ruffles on G Diapers??? Who woulda thunk it? SOooo cute!!

Sorry you're feeling fragile:(

Becca said...

What a great post sweet friend -- first of all, you are too cute and look so amazing I can hardly believe you're so pregnant! :-) and I was an emotional wreck when i was pregnant (I mean who are we kidding, i pretty much always am! haha) so I know how terrible that is - I'll be praying for you that today is better!

Natalie said...

Look at that, through all your frustration and emotion you actually found 10 things! Good stuff! I {unlike you} am always VERY emotional during my pregnancy. Liam will be the first to tell you I will cry at the drop of a hat and lose my temper much more easily.
Look at that sweet little cutie face! That second last picture melts my heart. She is so beautiful my friend!

Blessings and hugs,

**Nicole** said...

Oh I was most definitely a big ball of emotional my first pregnancy!!! I don't cry at all and ever since I got pregnant with Amber the littlest thing makes me tear up, LoL!!! Even stupid commercials!! It's terrible :)

Picnik is great isn't it? I've never used it (have the "real" thing in Photoshop) but my family all adores it :) Yey for having a camera even when you don't have a camera! My point and shoot is on it's very last legs and as I don't have an iPhone I don't know what I'll do when it goes! :S

Life with Kaishon said...

Ohhhhhh, I am so sorry you are stressed. I wish I lived close by so I could cheer you up. Although when you met me and saw how fat I was, you wouldn't even talk to me! You would be like "get out there and go on a run right this instant!" and I would be like but I am so cold and you would be like "I don't care! GET OUT!" and then I would run (but only to my car : )

You look so great. I ADORE the picture of you at the market. Is Pulix a market? Very sweet.

I hope things get better soon. I hope you find the perfect apartment! Praying. Praying. Praying!

Julia said...

Maybe it's the crappy weather we're having this week but I was crying today too...i thought of you today while I was at Target because they have the cutest yellow and black kitchen towels and I wished that I had the money to buy them for you :)

Shari@aPsychMommy said...

Those g diapers are soooo super cute! And how cute is that last pic with the diaper on the bunny!