Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

This week? Truthfully I am tired, sick, and overwhelmed. But this isn't "Truthful Thursdays"...oh no...this is Thankful Thursday!

so here are the top 7 things I'm thankful for this week:

1. A great Saturday! We did a lot of fun things but the highlight for me was hanging out in the fountains at Olympic Centennial Park

And, just for kicks, I'm posting this video from my other blog because it is too funny!

2. An amazing husband who shows me love all the time

3. A friend from our neighborhood who gave us tickets to the season opener for the Georgia Tech Basketball Game. And then our neighborhood/church family let us drop Cutie Face off at their house....a great excuse for a date night!

4. 3 days with my mom and sister (and niece!) while J was out of town (he travels 2-3 nights a week so this wasn't anything new but it sure was nice to have time with them and get a little break from Cutie Face's rambunctiousness). Cutie Face sure was thankful to have her cousin nearby!

5. Cutie Face is learning so much every day and it is so fun to see her intellect take off.

6. Speaking of growing intellect, Cutie Face had her 15-month well check up on Friday. She is doing great! Very thankful for her "well health".

7. But, speaking of health, Cutie Face's (green) runny nose + cough has returned. J came home and instantly thought she had H1N1 so we spent all night freaking out about it. We even had her sleep with us (which we never do) so that we could keep an eye on her. She had quite a few crying/moaning sessions in her sleep but ...

we are SO THANKFUL she woke up bright and happy (albeit with greener snot and the same cough). I guess we're just thankful it is a cold and not a flu virus! Phew!

(this is Cutie Face in the baby swing with three blankets on top of her...normally rambunctious, she wanted to swing allllll day and she wanted all the blankets she could see piled on top of her...poor sicko)

Okay...use this week as the week to practice your "Thanksgiving" thankful list...
what are you thankful for?

2 people think...:

Melissa G. said...

Aww, poor kiddo! It's so hard when our kids are sick isn't it.
It's good to see that you are able to give thanks in spite of your feelings. I hope you are able to get some rest and feel better soon!

Shari@aPsychMommy said...

What a very cool pic in the fountains! You are such a talented photographer!