Friday, October 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday (err, Friday...again)

Sorry I'm so behind the times in my Thankful Thursday post. I had ever intention to post last week but I wanted to wait until we were headed home from our Boston vacation because I just knew I'd have SO much to be thankful for!

Then, i procrastinated because I didn't want to post until I added pictures...but I still have yet to upload all 500 pictures from our 5-day adventure.

And now, somehow it is the following Friday and I haven't even posted this week's Thankful Thursday. SO. Bear with me. Pictures are coming. Thanks are coming.

Right now, the thing on the forefront of my brain is my twin.

You may have picked up on the fact that I am fiercely loyal to my twin and love her soooo much. And maybe you've noticed that I'm a bit competitive, too. I really do like to win (yes, I know it isn't everything and I have learned many a lesson in losing BUT i love trying my hardest to win).

Anyway, you all have blown me away with how supportive YOU are of my sister, too and I really and truly cannot thank you guys enough for giving my sister the chance to escape to NYC with her husband before baby #2 comes.

Your votes in the

have truly made a HUGE difference

and I thank you SO much for them and for your kindness to us, complete strangers except via bloggy world.

You all are the best!

Now stay tuned to Thankful SUNDAY where I'll recap the last 17 days of thankfulness...

PS There are still 2 hours left to vote (closing at 8 PM EST Oct 2) so feel free to vote one more time!

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Kelly said...

woohoo, i think she is going to win! that is so exciting!!