Friday, October 23, 2009

Featured Follower: Michaela from Life with the Crazies

(special note: the adverb of the day is "ridiculously")

So I know all of my followers have ridiculously cute families but I'm also learning that you are ridiculously hilarious, too.

Case in point--this week's featured follower: Michaela from Life with the Crazies

Michaela has two cutie pies: Goofball and SweetPea. She is a fifth-grade teacher part-time and at home with the Crazies part-time. Michaela has great priorities (in my opinion!): God FIRST then family. How easy it is as a mom (read how easy it is for ME) to jump up out of bed and go straight to mom-mode instead of daughter-of-God mode.


Back to the Crazies.

Goofball sounds like he lives up to his name--his exploits and quotes are hilarious but I was incredibly touched by this dialogue he had between he had with his mommy. You MUST read it. Right now. Go here.

Sweetpea sounds like she, too, lives up to her moniker. She is all girl and, according to her mama, will throw a temper tantrum if she does not have a bow in her hair! That made me smile.

You can read more about their background in Michaela's little 411 post here.

Besides being a wife, mom, and teacher, Michaela is also ridiculously crafty. She even has an Etsy store, L'alfabeto (you can also find her store on Facebook!).

She made matching coordinating robot shirts for Goofball and his friend:

She recently hosted a giveaway for these cool wire letters that she makes:

and she made a cool autumnal wreath for the Fall:

Yup. Crafty.

One thing that I found really cool about Michaela is that she donated her wedding dress to Goodwill. YES. DONATED. Her wedding dress. (Check out her story about that here).

Anyway, I could go on and on about how funny, crafty, and cute Michaela and the Crazies are but why don't you go on over and meet them yourself? Don't forget to tell her "Hello!"

PS As always, if you would like to be a featured follower, just fill out the form found in the bottom of this post.

2 people think...:

**Nicole** said...

She is crafty! By the way, I think this is a *GREAT* idea :D I just went and signed up ;)

Michaela said...

Thank you so much! This was just beautifully written and made my day :)