Monday, October 12, 2009

Excuses excuses

Hi everyone!

Please pardon my extended absence this week. Unfortunately I never fully recovered from my death sick bed as we've been plagued with a nasty cold bug. I really missed taking my NyQuil...but the growing babe is better for me not doing so, I'm sure!

on top of all that fun stuff, we've been away from home base since early Thursday...we went up to our Alma Mater for our annual Homecoming campus trip and Grandma visit. We had the pleasure of staying at J's mom's new home on the lake. Absolutely gorgeous!...and secluded...leaving us with no Internet access except for the handy 3G network on our phones!

all that to say that we are now driving back to Georgia from Michigan and there will be posts tomorrow! Especially the winning post for the latest giveaway (thanks Natalie and Julia for the reminders! I haven't forgotten you!)

phew! That was about all I could handle writing in HTML code on my phone! Until

3 people think...:

Natalie said...

LOL glad I wasn't the only one pestering you! Glad to hear you will be back soon!

Julia said...

Have a safe trip!!!

whimsy*couture*sewing*tutorials said...

Just making sure you will receive the winning notification!!! You won the Halloween dress! Let me know the size!