Saturday, September 5, 2009

true confessions of a wannabe crafter

I was mad impressed when I read that my high school friend was already sewing her daughter's Halloween costume. I've talked about Natalie's creative powress before--simply amazingly talented! (you can find her blog here)

And she is an awesome photographer.

And she and her husband have the most adorable little girl named Penny. So sweet!

This is one of her most recent crafty creations:

Anyway, I was inspired by her holiday pre-planning so I decided to look up the woman who made our sweet Christmas cards that we used last year--Sara Tams of Sarah and Abraham to see if we could get a jumpstart on making them.

I found out she has an awesome crafty-inspired blog, too! You can check it out here. Look at all of her cute things that she sells on Etsy and on her own online store:

I think I spent an hour browsing through her blog and store. I still want everything! And I sighed to myself, thinking that there were soooo many creative crafty moms out there.

She kept mentioning this one customer that she loved working with so i felt compelled to click on her blog link. Oh my. Heather is simply amazing. Yet another amazing creative crafty mom. She even threw her own wedding, making everything from the decorations and table toppers to the food. Incredible. And she makes things for her kids (like real clothes they can wear!).

You have to check out Heather's blog, too. I mean, seriously, she has her own Etsy store, too, where she sells the cutest signs and applique shirts:

And, of course, i spent another hour on her blog, envying all of these creative crafty moms.

I came to a conclusion
(or several, actually):

  1. Creative Crafty Moms are Put Together
  2. Creative Crafty Moms are Organized to the point that they have a gift for every occasion...three months in advance
  3. Creative Crafty Moms are all networked together and have amazing links that keep you occupied for hours
  4. I want to be a Creative Crafty Mom
  5. I can never be a Creative Crafty Mom
Ahh, a sad realization.

So then I spent another hour bemoaning my lack of creativeness.

I clearly have a hang up about this as it is not the first time I've mentioned how crafty I want to be :)

But then I talked to J.

and he reminded me that I have other talents, other passions, and other God-given gifts that He created me for and to use.

So now I need to make sure that I am glorifying God for what he gave me, and not for what I think I want to be! And, besides, if we were all crafty, who would buy their products and support their crafty lifestyle? At least I can serve some purpose in the crafty world! :-o

Anyway, i really really have to get ready for church so this is as much as I can write...but I'd love to hear your comments!

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Melissa G. said...

As i was reading your post i had this whole spiel that i was going to leave you here but it sounds like your husband beat me to it!
I'm with you, it's so easy to look at others and wish we were more like them. But we don't see everything. I'm guessing that they aren't always put together or always organized. We only see what they want us to see. Nobody's perfect. We just naturally tend to show the nice/perfect parts of us to others.
You are exactly the person God wanted you to be.

Upstatemomof3 said...

I feel your pain. I want to be more crafty than I am. I love sewing and have made lots of things around my house but they take so long to make that I do not do much. :(

Heather said...

oh my goodness! don't sell yourself short, your blogs are so great too! i became a follower as soon as i found you :)

thank you so much, that was way too sweet. but guess what? i get lots- if not all- of my inspiration from this amazing community of bloggers! I'm just as much a wannabe as you are :) you can do anything you set your mind to.

and YES... isn't Sara FABULOUS?!

happy Sunday :)

Natalie said...

I would also like to be that crafty Momma :) I started awhile back making headbands for my girls but it only lasted about two weeks. It was amazing the comments I got on them and how many people said I should sell them but no one had any requests really. :) You can still join the crafty community and get some great easy ideas from them! Now that sounds like fun! I might have to join you!

Kelly said...

I recently came to the conclusion that I need to come to terms that some people just aren't meant to reinvent the wheel when it comes to crafting (that would be me). So, instead I get all my ideas, patterns, decorating tips, etc. from other people's blogs/books/pictures and run with them. Sure, I make them my own by using my own colors or fabrics or sizing, but I figure, they already did the hard work of coming up with the fabulous idea, why make myself miserable spending weeks coming up with something half as good? And so, I have become the "re-crafter" (I'm inventing that term, but I picture it as something like a re-gifter, only classier...). : ) Also, I've found it somewhat gratifying that people may ask "oh, did you make that?", but no one really asks "oh, did you come up with that idea from scratch all by yourself?" If they don't ask, you don't have to tell : )

Kelly said...

Ok, I feel bad about what I just wrote about not telling where my craft ideas come from. Scratch that. Go ahead and tell which book or blog or whatnot they came from--in fact, leave the blog open or books strewn about your home for others to see. That way they'll know that it's ok for them, too, to be "re-crafters." It's an open club.
(it is way past my bed time. that may or may not be evident in these comments...)

Life with Kaishon said...

Crafty or not, in my book, you sweet friend, are a super star : )