Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thankful Thursday!

{special note: no "personal" pictures this week! sorry about that!}

This week I am thankful for...

1) My Bible Study gal pals. What a great way to start off my Thursday mornings! {sadly, even if I were including pictures this week I do not have any pictures of this great group of women--we're always too busy chatting and studying to take time out for a group pic!}

2) This might be way TMI but it is a personal blog, after all, and it is something I'm thankful for!...That Monkey consistently poos on the toilet and not in her diaper. It is SOOOO wonderful to not have to change a messy BM, especially while I'm pregnant and have heightened scent awareness. In fact, she is even starting to go #1 much more frequently on the toilet which means we go through 2 or 3 diapers a day. Thank you, Monkey! {special note: heaven forbid i included another picture of Monkey on her Baby Bjorn Little Potty! She'd be mortified!}

3) For the beginning of Fall weather. It was only 73 degrees in Atlanta today! Woohoo! And I think I spied some leaves changing color and perhaps even falling. I LOVE FALL--I think it is my favorite season!

4) For bags and bags of candy corn. My one downfall (okay, I have tons of downfalls but this one gets me every single stinkin' time...can't help myself). This year, the addiction started in Portland while we are on vacation. Then CVS had to go and put their bags of candy corn 50% off...and you know who can't resist a GOOD DEAL (me) and then it was death when it was a good deal on my favorite candy!

5) For a great race this past weekend! I ran a 10-mile road race in the first event of the Atlanta Track Club's Grand Prix (a series that runs from September '09 through August '10). Granted, I thought it started at 8 AM when it actually started at 7:30 AM (oh yes...that was me, the runner who missed the start of the race!) but that took off the pressure and nerves and I still performed decently...enough to earn a coffee mug (and that is saying something...ha! I jest!)

6) We get to find out what gender Monkey #2 is tomorrow! Woohoo I cannot wait for that! I'll update y'all...sometime...and hopefully we'll get some great pictures of him or her, too! (my gut tells me it is a girl but we'd be absolutely thrilled with either!)

7) For two men in my life who celebrate their birthdays exactly one week apart (and a few years in between but who's counting?) --my dad's birthday was last Saturday and my brother-in-law's birthday (aka "Mountain Man" as dubbed by the twin) is this Saturday.
Happy birthday Dad--you are an amazing father and example to me and J. We are continuously amazed by your generosity and flexible, optimistic attitude. You inspire everyone around you for the better and always point back to our God as your source of Light. I love you!
Happy Birthday, "Mountain Man"! You are a wonderful husband to my sister and a fabulous and fun dad to my niece. I love watching you interact with her and can't wait to see you with daughter #2. May you have many adventures (outdoors and in!) this coming year.

5 people think...:

Kelly said...

Lucas shares your seasonal addiction to candy corn. When we got the CVS ad last week, you'd have thought he won the lottery with the excitement over the candy corn sale. Pair that with the gummy worm sale, and his year was just made.

A Psych Mommy said...

OMG can't wait to hear if you're having a boy or a girl!

A Psych Mommy said...

Oh and I forgot to say--that pic of candy corn totally makes me want to go out and grab a bag right now. I LOVE candy corn!

Dena said...

Now I really want some candy corn : ) Can't wait to hear what your having too!

Natalie said...

already!!!! yay!!!!!!! I can't decide which you should have, boy or girl, girl or boy........cause it's all up to me you know. ;) So excited to hear!