Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I have one hour left before Thankful Thursday turns into Fab here goes nothing--a rapid-fire version of TT:

1. CVS' 90% off sale! We scored a pool for $1.29 and little Monkey loves hanging out in it during the Hotlanta days of September.

2. Football! Yup, its back! J and I love the sound, smell, and sights of football. It just screams Fall! (Gooo GA Tech!)

3. Fall Festivals in Atlanta. The really big ones happen in the Spring and Fall when it isn't so hot. There are some great ones coming up, including two this weekend. I'm interested in going to the Yellow Daisy Festival. Supposedly it is a huge crafty carnival...and you all know how I feel about crafts!

4. Courtney from Courtney's Corner and Jackie from 3LittleOnes for the "One Lovely Blog Award". Thanks, ladies, for thinking of me!

5. Christine from Southern Belle Dreaming for the "Friends Award". Seriously, y'all, you need to check out these blogs and the kind mamas behind them! So sweet!

6. It felt like Fall today! It was such a nice temperature throughout the day (okay, it did get a little steamy towards mid-afternoon) but the morning and evening were crisp and gorgeous! I can't wait for real Fall temps to arrive!

7. A really nice long walk with the Monkey today. We used to take long walks all the time when she was first born...and she'd sleep for like 3 hours. Now days, she sleeps for ~30 minutes but today she harked back to the days of old. It was great! We explored our neighborhood and just mosied. I love walks with my kiddo

don't worry. she was safe. i just thought it was a cool pic...

8. Our neighbors and friends for continually saying "yes" to us when J continues to ask if we can use them as our (FREE) babysitters for date night. Seriously a life and marriage saver. We appreciate you both and your kiddos!

9. A talkative, happy-go-lucky, kiddo that keeps me entertained and reminds me to be joyful every minute of the day. It is so neat to see her optimistic attitude and outlook on life--I'm so blessed to be her mom. Thank you, God for this gift!

exploring new toys at our fave local toy store

And, i'm done. Phew 11:11 with 49 minutes to go. Must get to bed! See you all tomorrow for a new Fab Friday giveaway!

2 people think...:

Southern Belle said...

Wow! That was a great price on the swimming pool, I am impressed and how wonderful that your friends and neighbors watch your daughter. The Lord blessed us as well by providing great friends from church. We take turns watching each others children, thus making date night a possiblity. God is good.

Design it Chic said...

Congrats on your awards!! And you really scored a darn good price with that swiping pool!! Dang it.. if only I'd have the chance to have such huge sales here in this crappy Germany! Oh wait.. I'll try see if i hit the jackpot on Saturday! They close a big clothing store in here and they may probably have huge sales on their last day! Fingers crossed that I'll find smth and make it alive out of that store:)

Happy Friday!