Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tell-Me Tutorial Tuesday: Finding Quiet Time

Well, I'm headed out the door. In fact, I have to leave in 15 minutes to go catch a flight! Yikes!

It seems like I'm always rushing and I wanted to do a "Tell-Me" Tutorial Tuesday about how YOU make time for yourself.

Really, I'm thinking about how, as a mom, I never seem to prioritize my Quiet Time in the Bible. So tips on that (and prayer!) would be great.

But, I think this topic can apply to EVERYONE who reads my blog! So here are my questions:

  1. If you are a Stay-at-home-parent and a Christian, how do you fit in your daily devotionals?
  2. If you are a Stay-at-home-parent but don't do quiet times, how do you find daily "downtime" for yourself to just relax?
  3. If you are working (whether a parent or not!) where do you find time to ensure you get special "get-away-from-it-all" time?

I think that our culture likes to rush-rush-rush. The busier we are the better we feel about ourselves...at least it makes me feel important and needed.

BUT quiet downtime and personal time is, in my humble opinion, a necessity for life to carry on with normalcy. Without downtime, I get harried, frazzled, and short with my husband, kiddo, family and friends....Precisely the opposite of how I want to be!

i'd love to hear your thoughts!

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Natalie said...

My quiet time does not arrive until all the kiddos are nicely snug in their beds. I then have my computer time and get ready for bed. Every night before bed is my time with God. I read my devotional and or bible and say my prayers before drifting off to sleep. During the day it is hard for 'me' time. I often am able to get the two youngest girls down to nap together and my oldest and I have some quiet time together reading. Lately while my oldest has been in school I even sneak in a nap here and there myself. Mind you, the house work is not getting done while I rest, but it is much needed and worth a little slacking. As for alone time with my hubby, it is hard for a real date with three kids. We often take the babe with us and leave the oldest two with someone. We did get away to a wedding this past Saturday, but neither him or I concider that a date. We like more one on one time :) I look forward to hearing everyone elses sugestions too. Hope you have a safe and happy travels.

Lauren said...

For quiet time, the only consistent solution I have found is one I must confess that I have not been doing lately: wake up before the children do. It's hard, and it requires me to get in bed early at night, so I have to sacrifice my blogging/sewing/reading time. But it's so worth it. :)

It also helps me to write memory verses on index cards, and tape them around the house in places that I will see them while I'm doing different things, like getting ready (taped to the bathroom mirror), washing dishes (cabinets next to the sink), etc. I can meditate on and pray these verses, and it's encouraging to refresh myself in the Spirit throughout the day.

As far as "me" time/down time during the day, sometimes I just slack on other stuff! Being a day behind on chores is worth it if I get to recharge by taking a nap, or spending some time chatting on the phone with a friend, or even just vegging out watching Law & Order. :)

For hubby time, it's really tough for us to get out of the house. So every once in a while I plan a home date, and (bad mommy warning) don't let me kids take an afternoon nap. (eep!) Then I feed them supper early, and prepare a special meal for Hubs and me, and we put the kids to bed around 6:45. We love our time together at home!

Lauren said...

I forgot!! I also get some personal down time when Husby sends me out of the house by myself when he gets home from work. He takes care of the kids' supper, baths, and bedtime stuff while I hang out with a friend, or even just go somewhere by myself. Sometimes I take my current novel to a coffee shop and just sit and read. I also like to take the laptop somewhere that has WiFi, and blog or work on our photo albums.

We don't do this often, but it's always such a treat - I am so grateful for such a selfless husband!!

Julia said...

I am the one needing to read the comments on this one as well!

Becca said...

For me it's all about waking up early. But I'm not that great at it if I'm being honest, I have too many "reasons" (aka excuses) for hitting snooze! Adam and I get some down time/quiet time together (we pray together and sometimes read the Bible together too) at night before we go to sleep.