Friday, August 14, 2009

Thankful Thursday part 2: Week 15

In the midst of active sorrow and grieving, God is giving us lots to be thankful for this week...

  1. Memories with my Grandpa, especially of the times he was with Monkey (baby C's new moniker...), and of those, the times when he would tease her and she would laugh!

  2. My Grandma--it is her birthday today and she is holding in there despite her constant vigil by my grandpa's side. We celebrated her birthday in the lanai outside of my grandpa's room.

  3. A wonderful, restful Hospice Center for my grandpa and grandma to spend their last days together. It is called Joanne's Hope Hospice and has amazing amenities and even a children's play area:

  4. Cousins who are ready and willing to help me and the twin with our babies. They will take Monkey and her cousin and play with them for hours. So nice when we need little breaks!

  5. A great visit with Grandma S--we had to cut the visit short when we left early to get down to Florida. We had fun and Monkey waved "Bye bye" as we drove off!

  6. Beautiful weather in Naples with cooling rains every day. i've taken Monkey into the pool every day and she LOVES it! We are also thankful for the cool hat that Aunty Sledge sent to Monkey for her birthday! Stylin'!

  7. Monkey's cousin--she has provided hours of entertainment and is inspiring her to officially start day...

I'd love to hear what you are thankful for!!!

2 people think...:

abby mortenson said...

hi friend! I'm thankful for what God has done!
I hope you are well and I miss you!

Sledge said...

I'm glad you guys like the hat! She looks adorable in it!