Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday: Week 14

This week has been full of ups and downs with my grandpa but we are still thankful for the many small blessings God bestows on our family every are a few from this week:

We are thankful...
  1. ...that Esther Grace is doing incredibly well! If you remember, she is the sweet little baby who was born exactly THREE MONTHS EARLY (i know! crazy!) to our college friends. If you'd like to read her most recent post, you can find it here--full of good news that will leave you smiling!

  2. ...for all my sweet friends from all over the world who are praying for my grandpa. My dad reported that within minutes of me and the twin sending updates via email, blog posts, facebook, and twitter, my Grandpa started breathing easier. God is powerful and hears our prayers!

  3. ...for strong Christian friends that walk with Christ and listen to the Holy Spirit in such a way that they inspire "all who come behind them to be faithful"

  4. ...{warning: this "thanks" is L-A-M-E!} that Jillian picked Ed in the Final Rose Ceremony. He was so my favorite from the first episode. YAY! {extra side note: No, i don't agree with everything they are doing from a moral/Christian stand point}

  5. ...for a generous friend from church who took time out of his day to walk through two houses with J. He helped J see the potential, see if they were worth fixing up, and basically acted as a personal home consultant! Thank you Christopher!

  6. ...that we are actually beginning to look at houses! yay!

  7. ...for six (6) wonderful years of marriage that we will be celebrating this weekend (August 2nd). I love love love my husband!

8 people think...:

Mommies-Miracles said...

Nice post, I think we all have something to be thankful for. :)

Julia said...

Happy early anniversary!!! What neighborhoods are you guys going to look in? So relieved about Gpa!!!

cheryl said...

Happy Anniversary. So many things to be thankful for in deed. =)

Anonymous said...

Hey Allie, Great to see you over at my blog - and I loved seeing your blog. Looks like you and J are doing great. Your daughter is adorable!!! Your grandfather has been in my prayers and I hope for continued improvement! Happy anniversary too. Wow - so much going on in you life. Great to re-connect.

Southern Belle said...

So good to hear your Grandpa is breathing easier and that Baby Esther is doing good! Yah, for six happy years of marriage. = )

Kathy said...

We are theankful for you :)

SO glad that your Grandpa is breathing easier and that youa re comforted by our prayers.


Nothing sadder thana sick baby and nothing more exciting and able to bring tears to your eyes than a baby recuperating, miraculously. Thank you God for that healing and recuperation for Baby Esther!!

Adry Viola said...

Great post! I'm following you!


Melissa said...

Oh i missed your wedding anniversary! I hope it was a special day for you and your hubby!

Ours is coming up too! They are so close! Mine is on the 7th!

I'm adding you to the list of people i tagged on my last post "show my heart". =)