Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thankful Thursday: Week 12

Woohoo! I have one teeny tiny bar of internet service and I have to be in my bedroom to use it but YAY! i can finally blog again! I know you missed it, right...? :-o

Before I delve into the topic of this post, what do you all say about me catching up with my I Heart Faces and Tutorial Tuesday posts? Or would you rather I don't double post and just wait til next week? I would LOVE to read your opinions!

Okay! Here we go with Thankful Thursday!

This week I am thankful...
  1. have a very valid excuse to not be online. Having no internet for virtually seven (7!) days was, at first frustrating and then I quickly realized how much more time I had on my hands to spend it with Baby C and family!

  2. finally have Internet access again. Yes, I realize in light of #1 that #2 might be slightly ironic but I really missed reading your blogs and tweets. I have really come to value the relationships I've made online and I've missed you all!

  3. ...for a VERY safe, largely uneventful (albeit loooong) car trip from Atlanta to the Heartlands (Kansas) and back. See Tuesday's post for more details (but keep in mind i was blogging from my phone!). Clearly, the string cheese and board books were huge hits...

  4. ...for quality family time with my Grandma (the reason for the trip--her 80th birthday!) and family--we got to visit with nearly all my cousins on my dad's side (but we missed you, Steph, Matt, and Jocelyn!)

  5. ....for fun memories made in Kansas with all of Baby C's second cousins--all of the great-grands were there for the 80th birthday party and it was a riot!(sorry, not the best picture but...)

  6. ...for all 15 people who have used my gDiaper code! Yay! Thanks everyone! I don't think I'll make the top for a free trip to Portland (bummer!) but I'm so happy and thankful for everyone who used my code! If you are wondering what I'm talking about...

  7. ...for my brother-in-law, Noah, who's birthday is TODAY! Happy birthday, Noah! Baby C wanted to celebrate:

What are you thankful for this week?

2 people think...:

GypsyFox said...

awww what WONDERFUL things to be thankful for & what a sweeet video! :)

Anonymous said...

We missed you too! We were with Matt's family at his cousin's wedding in New Haven.