Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday: week 10!

Wow! have I really been doing these for 10 weeks? Crazy how fast time flies!

This week I am thankful for...

  1. The lack of TV we had in our household. We held out as long as we could until we finally caved and used our Digitial Converter Box coupon (thanks USA government!)

  2. My dad and sister who helped me look and look and look some more for my iPhone...huh, you ask? Well, I left my phone on top of my car and drove off with it there and it, subsequently, flew off the roof (yes, for the second time...i know! i didn't learn!) while pulling out of my sister's neighborhood. But my Dad and Sis helped me look for an hour for it at night!

  3. That we found a piece of the phone's cover even though we didn't find the actual phone--as my dad said, "At least its closure". True. Now at least I know where I lost it and that someone else is enjoying all the pics of Baby C on my iPhone. I hope they also enjoy my daily Bible devotional and my Christian iTunes playlists!

  4. my sweet husband, J, who, instead of blowing up and yelling at me for doing the same thing TWICE, was calm, cool, and collected, and made me not feel like an absolute loser (even though, literally, I was and am, a "loser"!)

  5. Our country's independence and freedom! the 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays for many reasons (corn on the cob, fireworks, hot weather, flag cake, the Peachtree Road Race, etc.) but I love that we can celebrate our country's birthday in such a spectacularly fun way!

  6. the twin's wedding anniversary and my cousin's wedding anniversary. My twin and her husband were married 5 years ago tomorrow and are such a great couple and have already produced one adorably smart little girl. I can't wait to see their next child, due in December! And my cousin, the Army Ranger, was married a year ago on the 4th of July. He is an amazing young Christian and his wife is a wonderful addition to our family! (PS sorry A and B--I don't have a good pic of your wedding!)

  7. Cherrio's and handmade-blankets. Two of Baby C's biggest soothers, guaranteed to stop tears in their tracks! We'd be lost without them, especially her blankie from her great-grandma!

  8. Breakfast with my dad--he loves hanging out with his brown-eyed-granddaughter and she has a blast with him, too! It is great being able to spend some quality time with your parents when you are both "grown-up"

  9. Lunch with new friends--I didn't feel like a frumpy SAHM when I had lunch at the '"posh" Buckhead Diner with one of J's co-worker's wives (got it?)

  10. NAPS! So thankful that as a mom, i can still get sleep when Baby C sleeps. The older she gets, the more active she gets and the more tired i get!

I would SO love to hear what YOU are thankful for this week!

3 people think...:

Hannah said...

Your twin and I were married on the same day! 5 years with Jeff is at the top of my list, followed by our two sweet boys.

Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...

Oh my goodness that is too funny--oops!--I mean I am so sorry that you lost your phone! That sounds exactly like something I would do. Yep. Exactly!

I was just reading some of your posts and I am very intrigued by a "Coca-Cola" flag cake recipe! Why have I never heard of this made with Coke?? Sounds yummy!!

And I hope your sixth year anniversary is a blast!! I can't wait to see your pictures! : )

Debbie said...

A wonderful list. You do have a lot to be thankful for.