Saturday, July 18, 2009

Super Saturday Steals...

{okay, yes, it is Sunday but at least its here!}


I was on Facebook today in, oh, the first time in FORever (I can't believe how much I miss out on everyone's lives when i don't go on there!) Not only do I miss my friend's updates, I also miss out on some great vendor Starbucks' free pastry on Tuesday! You have to print out a coupon and purchase a beverage but, hey, why not try a "free" (with purchase) pastry? This offer is good for Tuesday only from 4:00 AM-10:30 AM.


Am I the last person to learn about their deals of the day? I finally opened up one of my emails (it goes to my "junk/signup" email account) and found that they have daily deals AND free shipping. I've only seen today's deals but I hope that writing about it will remind me to visit again and see if there are any cute kids stuff (or me stuff or home stuff or....yeahhh...)


Okay, i'm sure most of you know about this--Amazon has over 500 free songs on their website! I always forget to check out what they're giving away but I was on their site today and found a few classic "Golden Voices" songs, a couple of Christian songs and some great acapella Patriotic songs...all for free! I think i just spent 2 hours checking out music...feel free to do the same by checking it out for yourself here

Cloth Diapers!!!

This post would not be a post without some cloth diaper giveaways! My two fave cloth diaper sites are, of course, sponsoring two GREAT cloth diaper giveaways!

The Cloth Diaper Whisperer

My go-to source for real-time cloth diaper tips is giving away a three-pack of SmartiPants diapers. Neat stuff! Affordable, cute colors, and snaps (Baby C has taken to tearing off her aplix and throwing her diaper over the crib. Fun. Snaps are now my heroes.) Click here (or on the picture) to enter!

The Cloth Diaper blog is giving away an AMAZINGLY GREAT package--one GroBaby diaper, a box of their new detergent, Tiny Bubbles, and a Wet Bag! Oh my! i hope someone i "know' wins!!! Enter now!!!

***As always...these deals are things I've found and want to share with you--they only reflect my opinion and findings! Feel free to share some good deals you've found on the web!***