Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday: Flower Headbands!

***Stay Tuned for Updates! I've redone a few things with Baby C's recent headbands and made them into hair clippies--SO much more versatile and easier to coordinate with each outfit!***
{My computer is officially working as long as I shut it down completely between uses and let it cool off. You couldn't get rid of me that easily :)}

Today I'm going to show you how to make the flower headbands that C is notorious for. They are super easy and I know you've all probably figured out how to do it yourself but, just in case, here is a step-by-step guide:

The supplies:

I buy the Scunci brand of headbands because they are soft, stretchy, and available. I could only find them at RiteAid in the beginning but now CVS and Target (and I'm sure, Walmart) carry them, too. I used to buy my flowers from Michael's when they were 50% off but now I just buy them at the Dollar Tree Store! Check out that bundle you get for $1! Of course, you have to really search for the best ones but you can find them! (as always, if you want to see a picture enlarged, just click on it and it will pop up bigger)

Now when I first stated making these, I'd just pluck the flower off the stem and glue it on the headband. It made for a big, stiff, flower, that is for sure! Now I take off all the plasticy parts by deconstructing the flower. You may be suprised by how many layers of fabric and plastic there is on each flower! Basically, though, you just want to be left with the petals, like so:

Now, if you think the flower looks a little flimsy after denuding its plastic, feel free to combine another flower. Sometimes the Dollar Tree flowers need a little more umph so I combine two flowers and its perfect!

oops! couldn't resist a random pic of my little helper, baby C:

back to the headband!

After deconstructing the flower, I stack all the petal layers together so I know which order they go in. Then I take the bottom layer, making sure it is right side up, and make a circle of hot glue in the center.

BE CAREFUL! GLUE GUNS ARE H-O-T!!! Use caution so you do not burn yourself!

Quickly take the next layer and press it on the bottom one. Continue to do this until all the layers are firmly affixed to each other. You don't want little baby hands to tear these apart and eat them!

I like to give it one extra firm squeeze to make sure all the glue is adhering to the layers:

For this headband, i went with the crochet headband. Since it has holes in it, you need to place something underneath the flower to keep the glue from going through it. I chose a very soft piece of fabric scrap--kind of like minky. Feel free to use any kind of soft material!

I like to place my flower a little off center (a center smack in the middle tends to look like a headlamp!). So, find the seam, fold the headband in half, and then place the fabric a little off from the center.

Place a lot of glue on the back of the flower (the last layer)

and then quickly and firmly press it against the headband, ensuring that the fabric is lined up beneath it!

Ta Da! Now your sweet little girl has a beautiful flower to sport in her hair (and, in fact, i've even been known to sport them). I think flower headbands are also great photography props so take them on a photo shoot--sure to be a hit!

Now, I've been known to sew the flower layers together for an extra secure hold but so far C hasn't been tempted to tear them apart and eat them. Maybe we're just lucky!

I have also glued little bits of brown minky fabric or other soft, non-choking-hazard items in the center to make it look more flower-like.

Buttons and Gems are a little iffy as they are definite choking hazards. If you know of a very secure way to place them in the center, feel free to embellish! Just remember: Saftey First!

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KAS said...

Great tutorial! I'll have to try this. The poor kidlet is such a baldie, she needs a little girlifying sometimes.

Sam said...

She looks too cute.

Kelly said...

Finally got mine up--I mean, Lucas' up (he is guest blogging this week) :) http://ourlincolnlog.blogspot.com/2009/06/hi-im-kellys-husband-lucas-and-ill-be.html

Shari@aPsychMommy said...

Posts like this one make we want to try again to see if we'll have a girl! Although I think Bean wouldn't mind a cute little headband--that is until he's 2. Very cool tutorial, as always!

T~T said...

oh look how super easy these are!

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

This is great! I need to start making more girly things while my girl is little.

Apple said...

Thanks for sharing! Very cute

A Touch of Country said...

just found your site and it's adorable with a lot of great ideas.

Sharon said...

Terrific! I would love to make one of these (I'm not sure my 15 month old son would like to wear them though). I'll have to find a little girl to practice on!

I was blessed by your testimony about becoming a mom - I had (and have) a similar journey but praise God for his faithfulness!!

TidyMom said...

What a GREAT tutorial!! Makes me wish my girls were still little!!

I found my way here from Amy at http://www.livinglocurto.com/index.php/2009/06/best-mommy-award-monkeys-on-the-bed/#comment-8428


hair bows said...

Great tutorial. You made it look so easy. Those pictures really help. Thanks for sharing!

Melissa said...

Those are great! Thanks for sharing. I'll have to remember this when i have a little girl to make them for. =)

Judith said...

Yay! Thank you for sharing this with newly moms that wants to make their little one look soo cute.. :)