Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thankful Thursday: Week 9

{i hope to add pictures soon but couldn't let it get to Thursday night without posting...}

I cannot believe it is Thursday already and time for Thankful Thursday once more!

This week I am super thankful for:

  1. The wonderfully fabulous (and incredibly web savvy) Amy Locurto for naming me her Best Mommy Award. Needless to say, I was shocked, flattered, honored, humbled, and thrilled to see her post today. I can think of many many many more worthy mothers than me but it is also so nice to receive encouragement from a sister in Christ like that. If you haven't visited Amy's blog yet, please do so--she is one of the founders of I ❤ Faces (as you know, my fave blog!) and has amazing free and creative downloads for you to use.

  2. Good doctor reports all around for many people--for me and for Baby Esther (she is doing incredibly well, gaining weight and slowly being weaned off her machines even since this last update)

  3. Churchill! He has recovered from his very sad UTI and is feeling himself--so good, in fact, that he chewed one of my mom's silk plants (and then, unfortunately, abruptly threw it up)

  4. Speaking of Churchill, my mom and dad have put up a lot with him. Churchill and Margaret Thatcher (maggie) currently live with my parents for numerous reasons the main ones being they like more space than our small apartment offers and they are very afraid of Sweet Baby C! ANYWAY. i am so thankful for my parents' patience with our cats. They have clawed their gorgeous sofa and carpet, peed on the bed during the UTI ordeal, chewed their plants and spit them up, etc. and yet my parents love them just like kids--unconditionally and with a servant-like attitude. What awesome parents! To boot, they're even coming to babysit C tonight because we couldn't find a babysitter.

  5. Speaking of babysitters, we need one because J is finally back home tonight! We will be celebrating his return from Sunny Cali with a trip to our favorite Sports Bar, Taco Mac (sounds classy, right? trust me, its everything you can imagine). I'm so thankful for J's job and for the ability to have a consistent date night with him when he returns. It really adds a lot to our marriage and helps us connect.

  6. Baby C and I are also very thankful for the opportunity to swim in our neighbors' new saline swimming pool. Pictures coming soon with those but it was a great time!

  7. Finally, I am very thankful for all the blessings God continues to bestow on our family. We used to sing one praise song over and over again at our Law School's Christian fellowship. One good thing about consistency is that you don't soon forget that song and it often pops in your head to remind you to be thankful and pour back all the blessings to God, reminding us that He is the giver of all things! May we remember when we "walk through the wilderness" to still Bless His Name! Do you know which song I'm referring to....?

5 people think...:

Tristan's Mom said...

Just stopping by from Amy's blog. Congrats on the award (and new-found fame! :)

Jennifer said...

This is a great idea!

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

I love that song!!

You are so sweet! It was a pleasure to feature you. Now I have to get myself working on some baby head bands!

Kelly said...

Hope date night was wonderful! And, I am intrigued by the saline pool--is it like swimming in a backyard ocean?

Kelly said...

that last comment would be from me...signed into my junk mail account and forgot to log out. oops!