Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thankful Thursday: Week 7

Phew! My posts are getting later and later in the day. Gone are the days that i used to schedule the post the day before! But, it is never too late to be thankful!

This week, i'm very thankful for...

  1. New blog friends like Joye from the Joyeful Journey--I love getting to know all of you! Thanks for following our little lives--I hope to be the encouragement to you all like you are to me.

  2. C's joyful attitude and hilarious, yet calm spirit. She can make us laugh hysterically (and maybe you'll laugh, too) and make our hearts melt with her sweet spirit.

  3. Cousins--the Twin and Baby R are getting double doses of cousin-ville when her husband's side of the family moves to town! The twin and I are also very blessed to have a lot of first cousins ourselves. In fact, this weekend, we'll be celebrating on of our cousin's high school graduation!

  4. Coffee--on Saturday, I'll be giving it up for three weeks! Sadness. But hopefully my abstinence from caffeine will lead to a better performance in my next upcoming Road Race! For right now, I am very thankful for my morning cup (and will probably be even more so once Saturday rolls around)!

  5. Freezer remnants--somehow, I don't have any food for myself in the house. I was scrounging around my freezer and was never happier to find a bag a 1/4 full of frozen mango! I promptly made a healthy protein smoothie. Delish!

  6. a study with really neat women on the book of Esther I am very blessed to meet with such mature women in Christ every Tuesday for 10 weeks. And what an interesting study it is! For example, the subtitle is "It's tough being a woman"! Ha! So true...we had to list three reasons why WE thought it was tough being a woman...if you want to chime in, go for it, but, don't forget--this is thankful Thursdays :)

  7. J's job--while being pseudo-staffed for the last month was slightly frustrating for him it was awesome for me and C to get to see him every night. Now we are very thankful that he has a new project lined up, even if it is in Sunny Cali (yay frequent flier miles!)
Alright! What are YOU thankful for this week?

PS Oh my! two posts in a row without a picture! make sure you check out the personal blog if you want to see what C has been up to lately.

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Southern Belle said...

Good reasons to be thankful. I also like mango's and realized recently they make great smoothies. Today I am thankful that my MIL is visiting. My children adore her as she is a "fun" grandma. It also blessed me when she washed and folded all my laundry. Now all I have to do is put it all away. = )