Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Guest Bloggin'

{Okay...so I've been so busy guest blogging that I haven't had time to write a Tutorial Tuesday post! Stay tuned for next week...I have some recipes, baby tutorials and website tutorials planned for the rest of the month!}

I definitely (and, sometimes, unfortunately) have the gift of gab. My faithful-longtime readers can attest to that--sometimes I had so much to say that I'd blog three or four times in ONE day! yikes!

Feeling the need to gab some more, I happily wrote posts for some of my favorite bloggy friends. If you are bored and want to read more about me (you'll have to be really bored!) here are some of the recent posts you can find written by yours truly...

Kelly from Our Lincoln Log kindly published my birth story novel (and special props to the twin, too, for putting up with me while I wrote it instead of helping her get ready for our high school reunion!)...and if you don't want to read my birth story, click on the blog link above because Kelly recently revamped her blog design all by herself and it looks great!

The very lovely Felicia, from Go Graham Go!, let me blog while she was on vacation. I enjoyed sharing a bit about the sunscreen research I've done recently. Summer officially just started so check it out if you need advice on kid-friendly, all-natural, sometimes organic sunscreen! Go Graham Go is a fabulous resource for moms and often features fun giveaways, too. Felicia has spent a lot of time making it easy to navigate and fun to read--Definitely a blog worth checking out! AND, she is an awesome sister in Christ--so what are you waiting for? go visit her (or click on the button to see my post)!

and, last but not least,

my cloth diaper buddy, UpstateMomof3, from Our Life Upstate, let me go off on a tangent about editing photos (an obsessive and time consuming new habit of mine thanks to my equally obessesiveness over I Heart Faces!). You can see a few photo editing tips by using free online resource, Picnik. Hopefully, you'll glean some information there but, if not, make sure you check out some of her fab giveaways to make it worth your time!

Click on her button to be taken to my guest post

5 people think...:

Lauren said...

I loved reading your birth story! I always love reading birth stories. I planned for a natural delivery with #1, but as I hit transition and labored in prayer (literally and figuratively), I felt like getting an epi was the right decision for our family with that labor. (And it did turn out to be.) Then my labor with #2 was kind of a mess, emotionally and family-wise, and it didn't go at ALL the way I wanted it to (ended up with pitocin and an epi that didn't take in my abdomen but killed my legs - feeling all contractions and not being able to move to get more comfortable with them is no good!).

Next time, I'm determined to go naturally all the way! I've read many Bradley books, including Susan McCutcheon's which is incredible, but I'll have to check out the 2 you mentioned whenever that next time rolls around! :o)

Felicia said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment! You are such a great writer and I love having you! Thank you so much for your prayers! Now.. just pray me back home tomorrow!

Melissa said...

I'm going to read your birth story!

Melissa said...

I have tears in my eyes from your birth story! Those kinds of things always make me teary!
I totally agree with you that pushing was the hardest part! I'd been told that it would be a relief to push and it would feel better, but that was not the case at all!
Those pictures were great too. The huge smile on your face and the joy on all your faces is beautiful.

Mandy said...

I loved reading your birth story! I also loved Ina May's book, but read it after I had already had 2 C-sections. :( If I could do it, again, I would have tried things differently, but oh well. Nine more days and I'll be a mom of three girls! Can't wait.