Wednesday, May 6, 2009

BabyLegs and Grandpa Teuny

Adorable Diaper Cover made by Penny at Purple Ducks and Stuff

See those cute baby legs? A great eco-friendly, all organic, store in our neighborhood is, sadly, going out of business and everything is on sale. I bought 4 organic baby legs for $3.75 each. They had TONS in stock so if you are interested in getting some for a steal, let me know and we'll get them to you! They had these colors available:

and now for the really exciting news:

Grandpa Teuny (short for Teunis) is doing really well! He is home and seems like his old self. Please read the twin's update on his status. We still have not heard from the pathologist yet so prayer is definitely still needed!

2 people think...:

MB said...

Those baby legs are adorable! Will you be going back any time soon?

Also, I made your caramel popcorn; it turned out delicious! We're giving it out on Sunday to all the moms.


Rachel said...

We LOVE babylegs! Do they sell them online or just in the store at the $3.75? C is super cute in her new ones!