Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

I'm thinking that having a theme for each day of the week will cut down on my random, probably annoying, blog posts about nothing.

I am absolutely positive someone has already done a Thankful Thursday (complete with a Mr. Linky, i'm sure!) but here is my take on it:

One of my good friends from college keeps a journal. In it, he records 7 things he is thankful for EVERY DAY. He has not missed one day since he started college. Now that is impressive! In honor of his daily commitment, I'm going to take each Thursday to list 7 things that I was grateful for in the past week...

  1. fresh laundry that I am able to fold. Something i often take for granted--clean clothes and sheets, and towels. While I was dreading folding my laundry today, I realized that I should be thankful that i have laundry to fold
  2. a healthy daughter that has not ever had anything worse than a cold.
  3. generous people like Penny from Purple Ducks and Stuff--she made me a whole box of diapers that I could exhibit at my Cloth Diaper 411 session. She didn't ask for anything in return!
  4. freedom from worry about anything from the economy to death because of God's promises. I need to be thankful for this every minute as I tend to forget it quickly and start trying to do things on my own!
  5. funny e-cards that make me laugh (or cringe)
  6. Picnik that helps make my photos look so much better! (even though they'll never look as good as my father-in-law's!)
  7. sleep sacks that keep C from standing up in her crib and enable her to take a real nap for the first time in weeks!

can I add two more?

8. Thursday-night-date-night!
9. Friends who are willing to let C sleep at their house so that #8 can be possible! (and, no, Jim, this isn't a hint about tonight, it is a THANK YOU for all you've done for us!)

If you are interested in doing a Thankful Thursday, let me know and we'll make it a Mr. Linky (+button? maybe?). I think it is so important to be thankful for the little things because we can easily get caught up in what we don't have or what is going wrong when so much is going right. If we can see examples from other bloggers, it will really help put things in perspective!

5 people think...:

Melissa said...

The sleep sack is a great idea! I'll have to remember that trick.

And i'd join in on the Thankful Thursdays if you did it.

Kathy Eller said...

I'd join in on Thankful Thursday with you for sure! So much of life changes when our attitude does and we are called to be thankful in all things....BUT I havent found your posts random :)

I am new thankful for new friends who make blog buttons TWICE!

Lauren said...

I can really identify with #1! I was grumbling about folding laundry this week, and suddenly thought how blessed and fortunate we are - we have enough clothes that when I do laundry, I'm doing 3 or 4 loads! We have a washing machine and dryer at home! What on earth am I complaining about?

Love #4. Amen. :o)

Thanks for linking me yesterday - hope many were blessed by it. And can you help me with my HTML code?? I love my 3 columns, but I want my posts in the center; when I edited my code, it put both elements to the left. Thanks hun!

Becca said...

I love the sleep sacks too! :-) now if only they would help my little one nap . . . my hubby and i NEED a date night desperately - we have people who will watch the baby, just no time!

The Newly Mrs. said...

love the new look! and the reminder to be thankful. today, i am so thankful that my mom got an "all-clear" on her cancer screening. praise God!
wish i could say i'd join the thursday post theme, but i am just not consistent about posting enough. love the idea, though!