Friday, April 17, 2009

Movin' On Up

a long long time ago, Baby C barely fit into her Maxi Cosi Cabrio Fix:

8 months later, C still barely fits into the Cabrio Fix...this time, for the opposite reason--she's HUGE!

When Baby R outgrew her Cabrio Fix, the twin bought her a new seat. It seemed like everyone, especially R, loved it. Their recommendation was enough for us and we decided on Tuesday to get C the Chili Pepper Maxi Cosi Priori.

We couldn't believe it when it showed up at our door two days later! J got to work installing it and C took her first ride in it today. Looks like C is a fan!

Look for a review on the Maxi Cosi Cabrio Fix soon!

5 people think...:

Upstatemomof3 said...

Oh how incredibly sweet!! I just love sleeping babies. :)

Melissa said...

Aww, she's so cute!
Did you get it for free for a review?

Lee-Ann said...

Just some friendly carseat tips Mama:
1. Harness is too loose on her, needs to be tighter, use your thumb & forefinger to check if it is tight enough, if you can pinch any slack at her shoulder than it is too loose.
2. The chest clip needs to be higher, think nipple area or armpit level, this is so she doesn't slip through the huge area in case of an accident.
3. Looks like the harness is on too high of a setting, for rear facing the harness needs to be below or at the shoulder, not above. (May just be the angle of the picture though, having a hard time telling.)
It is a beautiful seat! I wish we had some awesome seats like that in Canada, our seats are very limited which sucks. :o(

Portia said...

What happened to the Britax?

Becca said...

I cant wait to hear if you like it! :-) We have the Maxi-Cosi for Jayci and i love it . . . but she will probably need the bigger one at some point too! ;-)