Saturday, April 18, 2009

Let the Festivals Begin!

J and I are huge festival people. We live in an area where we can walk to most of the intown happenings. As the summer progresses, there will often be two or three in one weekend. So be prepared for frequent festival postings in the future!

Today we went to the lovely Dogwood Festival. Last year, due to Atlanta's drought, the festival couldn't be held in the park (officials were afraid it would ruin the already-dead grass) so they held it in a parking lot. Joyous. Needless to say, it was a bust. This year, thanks to significant rain fall, they brought the festival back to Piedmont. What a difference a year makes--you would not believe the crowd!

I tried to photo-document the day. Hope you enjoy our day in pictures:

The first thing we hit was the frisbee-dog show. The neat thing about this show was that all the dogs that participated in it were adoptable! C got a kick out of the pups running and leaping:

While we were watching the dogs, we were also watching "certified dietitians" from alli approach people and offer their services. We were very thankful they did not approach us--what would they be trying to say if they did? I think I'd be slightly offended if i were these people:

Now conscious of our body image, we hit the Coke Zero tent for some zero-calorie refreshement. Gotta love the city of Coca Cola!

We contemplated swimming in the park's lake but took heed of the sign:

With all that water around and the many beverage samples (coffee, tea, and smoothie samples in abundance!) we made use of the porta potties more than once. Sprinkled throughout the park were amusing portable toilets that were painted! We have the UGA Dawg, Mona Lisa, and a replica of an actual outhouse:

After being pent up in the stroller for a couple of hours, we let C roll around on the grass (a luxury as we don't have a lawn in front of our condominium complex). Check out the drool trail. I think she's teething again (and not just on her crib!)

We ended the festival at the Zoo Atlanta booth--they had a Chinchilla on display and graciously allowed C to get a closer peek. It was definitely one of the highlights of her day:

3 people think...:

Jim said...

We almost called you to see if you were going today. We walked over there about 10AM and hung out through lunch. N enjoyed people-watching and running around in the park during lunch and almost fell asleep on the way back.

Upstatemomof3 said...

Oh what fun!! We are festival people too. We don't get that many around here but we get a few and we LOVE them. We will often go to both days of Irish Fest when it comes around. Festivals are tons of fun!!!

Lauren said...

Sorry I did not run into you there! We too had fun.