Friday, March 6, 2009

Pre-weekend update

Wow! What a way to start the weekend. For me, Thursdays usually jump-start a 4-day weekend :) Why have a 5-day week when you can have a 4-day weekend? Ha!

J travels quite frequently, usually between Monday and Thursday. When he arrives home, it is like a nice long weekend. We usually go out to dinner on Thursday night at our local sports bar. We love it there. It is like our home-away-from-home. We even went there for Valentine's Day last year and it is where my labor started!

I digress.

Because they are the days that J comes home, Thursdays are usually my favorite. This week, though, we did not go to our sports bar...we went to celebrate Little Miss' birthday! It was so fun to celebrate her first year of life. We dressed the girls up and partied. Baby C wore an adorable dress given to her by Miss Caroline and Foofies before she was even born! Check out Little Miss' pictures on the twin's blog for more party pics.

Today, i was off and running to two of the biggest consignment sales in our town. I was in search of a smocked dress for C for Easter. My mom is the woman with the fashion sense in the family, so I took pictures of the dresses I found with my new toy and tried to send them over email. Sadly, the basements of churches don't work out too well in terms of wireless reception. I tried my best to describe them over the phone and came away with three. Thankfully, I also ran into one of the gals from my CBS study and she and her mom helped me narrow down the choices. Here is one from Strasburg Children that we scored for $15 (resell value is usually in the $50 range...)

Trouble with those consignment sales is that you cannot bring kids. Thankfully, J didn't have to be into the office until 11:30 so he was able to watch the sleepless wonder (aka Baby C) while I did some shopping. When I got home, C didn't look like she wanted to sleep so I fed her and decided to take her for a run in my "new" jogger. 8 miles and 3 stops later (post office, friends' house, and a store for a b-day present for Aunty M), C finally fell asleep. yay!

She was rested enough to do a quick, impromptu photo shoot. One wrinkled white fitted sheet and literally 100s of pictures later, we have a couple cute pics:

Back into the stroller went C around 4...this time for a "Swing Date" at our local park with another mom and baby. C LOVES swinging (I smell a review on park baby swings coming...) so this was a very happy ending to a long day for her.

I'm still waiting for my youtube video to load for the true ending to her day--attempting to feed herself broccoli. If it ever uploads, I'll post it soon!

FOUND IT! Poor thing, she is a little tired...

Have a great first weekend of March!

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SJN said...

I love that you're able to find great stuff at consignment shops! That dress looks adorable.
Head over to my site, Bridal Buzz, there's something for you...

HisTreasuredPossession said...

Your mom is a very classy lady - and you and Twin are very much like her!

the party looked like a HIT! and sounds like March is truly coming in like a Lion in your neck of the woods! Big hugs to you all!