Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy birthday to Little Miss!

I cannot believe Little Miss is ONE! Wow.

This time last year, I was teaching at a great Christian school. I really thought the twin would not have her baby until after school got out so I was just biding my time, waiting for updates, and trying to concentrate on teaching Latin! (If I recall correctly, we were reviewing for a test with Latin Jeopardy! Woo hoo always a fun time.)

The twin was induced and the doctors and nurses thought she'd be delivering by 3 PM--perfect timing for me to get out of school and to the hospital. Or so we all thought. Little Miss has been a mover and a shaker since before day 1 (you should see her moving in the belly) and she wasted NO TIME in coming into the world. I think the twin was in "real" labor for about 2.5 hours. Oh my that would be nice!

My dad called me during class to let me know that she was 10 CM and was going to start pushing. I started crying! I wasn't going to be there for the birth! Super sadness. Well, it just so happened that the school had arranged for a teaching candidate to come in and teach one of my classes (since I was just a long-term sub, they needed a full-time teacher for next year). That class, coupled with my class break and lunch, allotted me 2.5 hours of free time in the middle of the work day! God really worked that out for us and I was able to be with the twin a few minutes after delivering Little Miss. It was a great moment. Here we are a year ago:

J got to meet Little Miss the next day:

Click on this picture of Little Miss to see the twin's post on her birth(day)!

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SJN said...

Wow, it's Kelly's b'day today too! Check out my blog to see her 25 years ago.
Happy 1st birthday lil miss!