Friday, March 13, 2009

Blogging updates

Did I really not post in two days? Record. I wasn't on the computer much at all yesterday and it was soooo nice!

and, I'm sure most of you were glad you didn't have to sift through 3 posts in your Reader just from me :) ha!

I wanted to thank those of you who read my post on "why-do-i-blog" (since deleted) and sent me really kind emails. I am definitely going to keep blogging, but my blog will probably have a different focus than its original intent.
So expect more updates on Baby C and less updates on baby equipment reviews. Expect more focus on babies in general and less focus on a wider non-baby audience. Expect more everyday-ho-hum-life updates and less worldwideweb-appeal updates.

I do hope to continue giveaways, crafting attempts, and other occasional, non-family-diary type posts. If you want to continue following, I'd be honored to have you be my reader! If not, thanks for sharing the few glimpses into our lives with us.

And, since I deleted the picture from the last post, I have to show you again. It is Baby C in another park, exploring grass, leaves, and twigs for the first time!

PS We're off for the weekend to celebrate J's dad's b-day! See you on the flipside!

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Kelly said...

Well I am glad you will still be blogging! I love seeing updates on baby C! She is so adorable!