Saturday, March 7, 2009

aww...blush...I've been tagged!

Special thanks to SJN, over at the Bridal Buzz blog for tagging me! She is the wonderful mom to Kristin, of the adorable custom-made onesie fame (see this post and this post), Kelly, who made my banner, and Alex (who is also great and creative!). Phew! That was a lot of links (if you clicked on even half, i'd be impressed!).

SJN was the mastermind behind Kelly and Kristin's weddings which both turned out absolutely gorgeous. She loved planning weddings so much that she decided to start her own wedding consultant business. SJN is even hosting her first giveaway so head on over and check it out!

Along with the award goes a "tag" of 7 things you love, and a "pass it on" to 7 blogs you love. So here are the 7 loves of my life:
  1. My Savior, My God, My Father, My Friend, who saved me completely by His Grace alone--there is nothing I could do to ever earn his favor or my salvation--He bought me with his blood and I will love Him and serve Him!
  2. J--my first boyfriend, first kiss, and last husband :) He is amazing and I'd be lost without him!
  3. Baby C. I never knew love like this before!
  4. My family. I have 3 living grandparents, amazing cousins, aunts and uncles, incredible in-laws and wonderful parents. But I have to highlight my twin, especially, who knows me inside and out and loves me anyway!
  5. Running. Being able to go out and run through God's creation is such a wonderful feeling. It is often my escape and my way of thinking through issues!
  6. Brownie mix batter--straight up, mixed with water, no eggs, oil, or baking. Just pure brownie batter goodness
  7. Reading. I've always been an avid reader, loved Pizza Hut's BookIt! Program, always snuck a book into bed, and, even now, lose myself into a story and find it hard to come out of that book's world until I've finished it!
Now to pass on the Kreativ Blogger Award...gee this is hard! I have so many creative friends!

Here they are, in no order of importance or creativity:

1) Kristin of "The Newly Mrs. Morgan". She has always been creative--she came up with lots of our childhood crafts and ideas for playtime and now she is an incredible artist.

2) Kelly of "Hamilton Happenings". She made my blog header! How could she not be creative?

3) The twin of "Our Little Family of 3". She inspires me greatly with all the wonderful things that she makes for Little Miss, Baby C, and all of our friends' children

4) Natalie of "See Jane Scrapbook". She is about to become the mommy of (what will, undoubtedly be,) a beautiful baby girl. I can just imagine the creative things she'll make for her new little one!

5) Sisters Rebecca and Anjeanette their sister-in-law, Katrina of "Roots and Wings, Co.". They are amazingly creative and post tons of easy-to-follow tutorials.

6) Julia of She makes great jewelery and blogs about Etsy giveaways!

and, finally,

7) follower, Jeanne, of Jeanne Louise Designs. She has an Etsy store and is also very crafty and creative!

There are so many more people that I really admire and think are incredibly creative but I wanted to give shout-outs to a lot of my followers! Thanks everyone and thanks, SJN!

If you've been tagged, please tag 7 more creative people that you know (or maybe do like SJN and just tag one! Come on, I know you know at least one!)

Don't forget to either e-mail your favorite bloggers or comment them to let them know they have won!