Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Review: Johnny Jump Ups and Walkers

Do these items look like weapons to you? According to most pediatricians they can damage your child! In our tiny household, it appears we laugh in the face of those warnings.

And literally, we laugh. C LOVES to play in both of these apparatuses, both of which can be found at her Mimi's house. I think she gets excited when we pull in the driveway because she knows these toys will be waiting for her to play in! Not that she really knows when we pull in the driveway since she is in a REAR FACING (very important!) car seat...but still.

Whenever she gets in the Johnny jump-up, she goes crazy ga ga for it. Yes, it has the potential to damage your child's hips but that is continued use for long periods of time. I only let C get in it for AT MOST 15 minutes so I think she is fine. And the pure joy that it evokes in her is so hard to pass up--it makes all who witness it laugh out loud. I'm willing to gamble that she won't have bad hips just so she can jump for joy (again, literally). *Also, please note that they warn it could fall of the door frame molding. Make sure, if you purchase this toy, that the door you afix it over has very sturdy ledges. If not, your baby could fall and hurt herself.*

The other toy she loves to play in is the Walker. Also NOT recommended by your local pediatrician because it could put early strain on your child's joints and delay walking. OR your child could fall down the stairs while walking by them (note: close the door to your stairs or install a baby gate!)

As my mother said, I was put in those walkers early on for quite longer periods of time than recommended and i still learned to walk when I was 8 months old! Developmental delay? not so much.

The great thing about this walker is that you can adjust its height as baby grows and it has interesting toys for them to reach for and play with. C is continually amazed at the bears. The tray is a nice feature, too, because you can place other toys (we aren't quite at the finger food stage yet but I suppose you could leave finger food on the tray as well--just make sure you clean it properly first!) C doesn't know how to put one leg in front of the other yet but I personally feel like this walker is good practice for her!

If we ever bought a larger house, I'd definitely invest in these two items. As it is right now, once or twice a week in them is very exciting and all she needs. You can find a lot of these used (make sure you check the fabric for any fraying, etc. Don't want that baby to fall out!) on Amazon or Craigslist or at Congsignment Sales/Stores.

Here is C before we went back home. She was fighting sleep today and didn't want to tack a nap so we distracted her:
In the interest of full disclosure and so i cannot get sued, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. We cannot be held responsible for your child or any injury he/she should sustain while using one or both of these toys.

Please note: I was not compensated for this review. This review is based on my own opinion.C loves both of these "toys" so much that i just wanted to share!

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