Saturday, February 14, 2009

Last post of the day, I promise

Seriously, I promise not to post 4 times every day. Its just that a lot happened today AND today is Valentine's Day. Here are a few highlights from today:

J took C out for a daddy-daughter date. He proved to be a boring date as she came back home fast asleep. J then managed to sneak C into the crib without her waking up. She decided she'd slept long enough 8 minutes later so J made me go in and get her. This is what I found:

C had a VDay gift for me! Aww. Thanks J and C for your thoughtfulness. That Nerd Rope was gone in 2 seconds flat but the card will be kept forever.

After bumming around for a few hours, we went up to visit the twin and her family. The girls hung out with each other, took a bath together (where we experienced an hilarious #2 incident), and then prolonged their bedtime by playing with a fun stroller toy ingeniously attached to the bottom of a dining chair by the twin (I told you she was creative)

Here are some priceless photos of the two of them together:

Happy Valentine's Day!

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