Monday, February 16, 2009


What a trip.

I have to start by saying we are so thankful for prayers for safety and alertness. And whoever prayed for us to stay awake sure prayed hard because we never got tired...even 20 hours after we woke up from our 3 hour sleep.

Okay, so now to the real beginning. After planning a 3 AM departure, we tried to get some sleep by going to bed early. 12:45 AM rolled around, R was up, and we couldn't sleep so we thought, "Let's just head out now." (I will note that J thought it was an absolutely wretched idea to leave that early on so little sleep but we were adamant about going so off we went.)

Well, R decided she did not want to have anything to do with sleep. Nothing. She wanted to "talk" and cry--both of which kept me company and awake (!) while I drove. About 2 hours after we started, she finally fell asleep. Not even an hour later, she woke up screaming and C decided to join her--here is a little snippet of the sounds we heard for the next 45 minutes:


Around 5 AM we ran into accident #1. We could actually see it looming on the horizon from quite a distance away. The closer we got the larger the accident looked--come to find out, it was so big that it closed down the entire highway and we were re-routed off of I-75 and onto US 41 for the next 25 minutes. We can only say that we are grateful that 1) the girls were finally quiet and 2) that we have larger interstates now as neither of us can imagine driving to Florida on a 2-lane road like our parents used to do!

Then, around 9 AM we ran into accident #2. Again, we were re-routed off the highway because the accident was so big. We know that at least two people died in the accidents we saw and we pray for their families and praise God for keeping us safe.

We arrived a little after noon and cannot wait to do it all again in a week. Ha.

Here is Baby C--she was the only one who slept in the car:

And the sleepless wonder, Baby R:

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HisTreasuredPossession said...

oh dear - well. a trip to remember, that's for sure. glad you're able to write about it.