Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Baby loves

C loves her stuffed animals. She pulls them to her before she goes to sleep and hugs on them during her nap. Then, when she wakes up in the morning, she'll talk to them for half an hour which buys me time to get the coffee going! I'm thrilled she is a stuffed-animals kind of gal.

According to the APA, there are many things wrong with this picture. Here are 5 right off the bat:
  1. Sleeping on stomach
  2. Sleeping with blankets
  3. Sleeping with toys
  4. Sleeping with a mobile past 5 months old
  5. Sleeping with a bumper
Sorry, baby C! Please note, all you parents out there--only use these items at your discretion. They are not advised to be in your child's crib. As her parent, I know C's abilities and knows that she can move at ease and handle the elements listed above.

And, I just have to post this picture from today--she looks so old!
PS Can you tell that J studied to be a lawyer? Gotta love all the anti-lawsuit warnings!

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